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Micah Lowery


Retail Associate Manager
Alpharetta, GA

Micah is a Retail Associate Manager out of Alpharetta, Georgia. Micah loves being creative. He has aspirations to one day make a cartoon, movie, comic, or toy line (or all of the above). The Gear Design Contest was a great way for Micah to bring his creative talents to life at T-Mobile. Micah isn’t new to designing, though, one of his biggest accomplishments is designing a mass-produced Swatch Watch! Micah gets his inspiration from sports team gear and hopes to one day take on a role in Marketing. Check out Micah’s design now!

Lanch Beach

Lance Beach

Artist, Leader, and Mobile Expert!
Berkeley, CA

Lance is a Mobile Expert out of Berkeley, California. Lance is an accomplished artist and loves that he is able to use his creative talents at T-Mobile. Lance’s designs have not only been selected for the Gear Contest, but he also won the “I Heart Art” contest for T-Mobile Arena. He has been an artist since he was 8 years old and is inspired by his uncle (who is also an artist). He hopes to continue to grow into leadership role with T-Mobile where he can use his leadership and creative skills to help others develop their careers. Check out Lance’s artistic design today!!


Kailah Bryan

Sr Program Manager
Seattle, WA

Kailah Bryan is a Sr. Program Manager on the Frontline Engagement team. She has worked for T-Mobile for 7 years, both in Retail and HQ. Design and clothing have always been one of Kailah’s favorite ways to express her creativity. When Kailah is not at work, you can find her further developing her passion as she works towards getting her BA in Interior Design Fine Arts. Kailah is in her eighth semester of school and is excited to implement all that she learns in her current and future roles. While Kailah loves supporting frontline engagement, her career aspirations are to land somewhere within T-Mobile working in anything interior design – maybe even the store design team! Check out Kailah’s design to see how she puts her knowledge into action!

Julio Cova

Julio Cova

Regional Assistant Manager
Orlando, FL

Julio is a Retail Associate Manager out of Orlando, Florida who is passionate about investing in his people. He loves connecting with his team and creating an environment of Serious Fun while at work and at home. As a leader, Julio is able to help others with their development which allows him to self-evaluate and improve his skills for future roles. He is currently working towards climbing the retail ladder and hopes to take on a Retail Store Manager role. His creativity stems from his youth! Julio grew up as a rocker teenager with a passion for customizing his clothes. His love for Rock N Roll inspired him to enter himself into the contest, along with T-Mobile’s amazing 5G Network.

Julio Cova

Amber Vo

Mobile Expert
San Jose, CA

Amber is a Mobile Expert out of San Jose, California. For those who know Amber, they’ll tell you she is a ball of energy. Amber brings her energetic and cheerful attitude to work every day! She gets her creativity from the world around her and was inspired by the tech development happening in Silicon Valley. The T-Mobile Gear Contest was a great way for Amber to show a different side of herself and put her creativity to use for more than just a mass amount of Tik Tok videos. Amber is currently working on earning her degree and hopes to use that to one day grow into a career in HR for T-Mobile. Bounce on over to see Amber’s design today!


Isabella Ramirez

Mobile Associate
Austin, TX

Isabella is a Mobile Associate out of Austin, TX. She’s known for always being positive and consistent. Drawing and art are a fun past time for Isabella. Her art has won her first and second place in her county/state art competition. One of Isabella’s goals is to get through college and earn her degree so she can continue to grow. That’s one of the reasons she loves working at T-Mobile, for all of the benefits that are available to her, such as tuition assistance! After college, she’s looking forward to seeing where her career can take her.


Casey Ruiz

Mobile Expert
Orange, CT

Casey is a Mobile Expert out of Orange, Connecticut. Casey is always curious about the people and things around her. She loves to focus that curiosity into her creative projects, such as crafting or writing. The T-Mobile Gear Contest was a great way for Casey to express her creativity in a different way. She finds creativity from different styles that are fun and versatile.


Saul Melesio

Mobile Expert
Culver City, CA

Saul is a Mobile Expert out of Culver City, California who is always pushing himself and challenging the status quo. Saul loves helping people and being about to solve their tech issues. That must be why customers love to bring their phones to this guy! When he’s not helping people with their tech issues, he’s learning even more about the tech world as he completes his degree in Cybersecurity. He has been designing graphics since he was 15, which has become an outlet for his creativity. He was passionate about designing something challenging while sticking to the T-Mobile brand.


Carlos Aguirre

Retail Store Manager
Tulsa, OK

Carlos is a Retail Store Manager out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Carlos is a determined and fearless leader who is passionate about leading his team to the top. And, he has proved that by being recognized as the top performing store in 2019! Carlos loves to build things out of wood with his wife in his free time or spend time with his beautiful 19-month-old daughter (where he finds his inspiration). Carlos is excited to grow his career at T-Mobile and to continue to develop as a leader.


Dave Davis

Mobile Expert
Collegeville, PA

Dave is a Mobile Expert out of Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Dave prides himself on being unique and…dare we say…awesome! He brings his uniqueness to work every day to bring the best experience to his customers. Dave is looking forward to continuing to grow and develop his career at T-Mobile and to continue to bring his unique perspective to drive growth and be an asset to the company.

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