models Career Goals: Digital marketing at Bellevue Headquarters.

- Ashley, Mobile Expert

models My Motto: Be who you have to be, but don’t forget who you are!

- Jacob, Mobile Expert

models My Biggest Accomplishment: I was chosen by T-Mobile to attend and celebrate Hispanic Month in Miami!

- Erika, Retail Assistant Manager

models My Passions: I love to draw and paint! I want to become a Graphic Designer!

- Byron, Mobile Expert

models My Motto: Don’t be busy. Be productive.

- Kadijah, Mobile Expert

models My First Job: Stonemason Assistant.

- Chris, Mobile Expert

model My Motto: Taking initiative pays off. It is hard to visualize someone as a leader if she is always waiting to be told what to do.

- Jessica, Store Manager

model My Passion: My three adorable Siberian Huskies!

- Rachel, Mobile Expert

models My Passion: I LOVE COOKING! Trying new foods and ingredients!

- Courtney, Store Manager

models My Secret Skills: I once was an actor in a movie that’s on Amazon Prime.

- Jerrad, Store Manager

models My First job: Grocery bag boy at Foodland in Hawaii.

- Mar, Store Manager

models My motto: Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.

- Ana, Mobile Expert

models My top three travel essentials: My Beats Studios, Chacos hiking sandals, and my GoPro!

- Stephanie, Store Manager

models My passion: Bodybuilding and house/car restoration.

- Jerry, Mobile Expert

models My top three travel essentials: Flip flops, soccer pants and a physical book that I will definitely not read.

- Michael, Frontline Next Associate

models My secret skill: I can swim like a fish and hold my breath for up to three minutes.

- Daylen, Sr. Frontline Next Associate